House Rules

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Base Ruleset: Savage World Deluxe Edition and Hellfrost

Basic Setting Modifications

  • Magic is just as powerful, just much more rare.
  • Frostborn race is never seen or tolerated in civilized lands and is therefore extremely rare.
  • Frostborn PCs are not allowed.
  • Giant monsters, ice dragons, frost giants and such are only ever seen in the far north, belief in their existence is relative to latitude (exposure).
  • Blizzard War has partially faded to myth, particularly in the relatively unaffected southern Hearthlands.
  • Siphoning is called and started


  • Attributes are: Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Vigor
  • No Guts skill
  • No throwing skill. Throwing spears, javelins, axes or other heavy weapons is fighting skill. Small items like knives, daggers, darts are Shooting.

Skill List

Skill Attribute Notes
Boating (Longship) Agility
Climbing Agility
Fighting Agility
Gambling Intelligence
Healing Intelligence
Intimidation Spirit
Investigation Intelligence
Knowledge Intelligence
Lockpicking Agility
Notice Intelligence
Persuation Spirit
Repair Intelligence
Riding (Horse) Agility
Shooting Agility
Stealth Agility
Streetwise Intelligence
Survival Intelligence
Swimming Vigor
Taunt Intelligence
Tracking Intelligence

House Rules

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